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Allegre 67" Combo Skis Red Package

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  • €179.00

Our sharp Allegre Combo Skis are the perfect blend of strength and control for both combo as entry-level slalom skiing. Easily switch between styles with our adjustable horse shoe bindings. The gloss top coating is added to enhance strength and improve resistance against surface scratches and discolouration. Go for the full package, in a transparent bag filled with the skis, a kick off rope, water sport flag and a red universal vest.

  • Recreational level water skis
  • Comfortable font toe and adjustable heel
  • Glossy protective top finish.
  • Rim injection construction with extra metal rods for stiffness.
  • V bottom design for easy edge to edge and better tracking
  • 12 inch wide handle
  • Rubber handle grip
  • 60ft main line
  • 50N ISO-certified (buoyancy aid)
  • Lightweight PE-foam
  • Strong & lightweight nylon fabric
  • Adjustable sizing due to open sides


  • Weight 50 kg and more
  • Binding / Shoe size 37-45 EU

Two different combinations available: skis with bindings and package. 
Package includes skis with bindings, vest, ski transfer and watersports flag.