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BIC Techno 293 OD Outhaul Kit - BIC Sport - 31462

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BIC Techno 293 OD Outhaul Kit

  • Part nr 31462


2 x Clamcleat CL244 Aluminium cleat
2 x Clamcleat CL111 Plastic cleat clamp with shims and screws
2 x Seasure Pulleys
2 x 2.0 m Length of 5mm Line
1 x 3.0 m Length of 4mm Line


1. Align the plastic clamps (CL111) about 20 cm aft of your rear hand position, and insert the aluminium cleats (CL244) with teeth facing forward. The plastic clamp should not be able to move on the boom arm, and the shims should be used if necessary. Screw the assembly together with the screws provided.

2. Take the 3m length of 4mm line, and secure one end to one pulley with a bowline. Thread the rope through the pulleys at the boom end and through the eyelet of the sail as per the picture.

Two option:
• Option 1: 2 pulleys for use directly with the eyelet of the sail OR
• Option 2: 3 pulleys for greater advantage on the sail but requiring the addition of a double pulley block on the eyelet. Tie the other end of the line with a bowline to the remaining pulley. NOTE: When de-rigging your sail, the entire assembly should be left on the boom. Only one of these bowlines needs to be undone in order to remove your boom from the sail.