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CORE Fusion 3 board

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Meet CORE’s ubiquitous twintip. A twintip for all seasons and every adventure. Freeride. Freestyle. Or waves. This Cartan carbon fiber board can do it all with pizazz. Europe’s favorite performance freerider is the board of choice for newcomers to pros. And it’s all you need.

Our latest Fusion leverages a decade’s worth of board building expertise from Carved Customs -Europe’s leading custom board manufacturer- and knowhow from their latest masterpiece, the Imperator 6. The 3rd generation is measurably lighter and features a new multi-channel hull, progressive rails, a deeper rocker line, and wider tips. Our engineers also invested considerable effort fine tuning the CNC milled Paulownia wood core, the backbone of the Fusion’s unmistakable, smooth riding, energetic feel. And no Fusion 3 is complete without our new and fabulous Union Pro 2 or Comfort pads and straps. Add a pair now before you forget. We could go on, but we prefer that you find out for yourself the next-level awesomeness of the new Fusion 3.

▪ CARTAN CARBON: Proprietary 30° biaxial carbon fiber weave optimizes torsion and longitudinal flex for a unique riding experience.
▪ VARIO RAILS: Variable rail thickness for better control.
▪ LW ROCKER: Optimized for light winds.
▪ 3D WOOD CORE: The heart of the Fusion 3 is marine grade, CNC milled Paulownia.
▪ DIAMOND 3D-SHAPE: Directs forces to where they are best used.
▪ V-SHAPED KEEL: Cuts through chop and delivers pillow-soft landings.
▪ MULTI-CHANNELS: Unbelievable grip and upwind tracking. 
▪ DOUBLE CONCAVE: Amazing hold in corners.
▪ CONTINOUS DOUBLE CHANNEL: souveräne Führung und präzise Absprünge
▪ PROGRESSIVE MULTI CHANNEL CENTER: Grip und Kontrolle in allen Fahrsituationen
▪ DOUBLE CONCAVE: der Turbo für den Grip der Boardkante
▪ VARIO RAILS: variable Kantenstärke für präzise Flex-Steuerung und lebendiges Carving
▪ G10 CUTBACK FINS: New outlines. More fun.
▪ Optional: UNION PRO 2 PADS & STRAPS: Customizability, comfort, and control.