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Titan Kama SUP Board 11.6

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As strong as titanium: The Titan Kama 11.6 is one of our 3 superSUPs of the Titan series. The Titan series is forged of elements resulting in a ultra-strong SUP board. The Titan Kura 11.6 can handle heavy impact has one of the highest levels of buoyancy due to a durable soft EPS core wrapped in a monocoque fiberglass layup. Blended together with the world's strongest polycarbonate shell - created with vacuum molding - the Titan is engineered to handle heavy impact. A soft and grippy full EVA - deck pad offers even more protection, so you can nail your water sport goals season after season. These are the world strongest SUP-boards, to withstand all impacts.

  • Length: 11’6’’ (3.5m) 
  • Width: 31’’.(78,7cm) 
  • Thickness: 5, 25’’ (13,5cm) 
  • Volume: 220L 
  • Board weight: 32LBS (14, 7kg) 
  • non-slip EVA foam pattern, allows comfortable long term SUPing 
  • Easy connectable leash plug 
  • Comfortable carrying handle 
  • Rail saver to prevent scratches 
  • Automatic air vent plug 
  • Polycarbonate armour for serious shock protection