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Loftsails Airscape 2019 sail

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  • €544.00

Loftsails' no-compromise, dedicated freestyle design – agile, quick and reactive. Ultra light weight, the Airscape is all about free-expression: stable, easy to duck, explosive to pop... With rapid acceleration and feather light handling the Airscape goes neutral for the most acrobatic freestyle moves.

  • Unique, super durable full IYU250 4-part mast pocket – the perfect material between your mast and the elements
  • 2 mil triax upper body panels – UV stable and weight reduction
  • 4 mil biax window panels – durable visibility
  • Triple foot and triple reinforced luff construction for maximized longevity
  • RDM recommended, SDM compatible – both mast types fully compatible to maximise your windsurfing experience
  • Forward-profile batten systems with Standing Battens at specific locations – for responsive, low-end drive and easy top-end handling
  • Dual clew eyelets with webbing reinforcement – adjust leech release character to suit your sailing conditions
  • Loftsails full-opening mast pad design... easy access to your mast extension, downhaul system and batten trim key
  • Trim diamond - leech release reference: dial into your sailing conditions