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Marine 400 SC

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Suitable as a coach boat for yachting, rowing and canoeing. Ideal for 1-2 people. It is a light and fast vessel that does not cause large waves. There is plenty of storage space within reach of the coach for higher convenience. Optional fender around the ship prevents damage to boats and other vessels as they approach each other.


Marine 400 SC is a boat designed for trainers or judges at yachting races, it is also popular with firefighters and rescuers and can also be used for family recreation.

Testing began with a more powerful 20-horsepower engine, but over the course of the year we found out that even with a 10-hp engine, sailing in the wind of no more than 10 m / s is no problem. Only at Lipno and especially at Nové Mlýny, where short sharp waves are formed, is the cruise somewhat wet. (However, the Marine 450 SC is available for these conditions and possibly short sea sailing.)

Length 3,99 m
Beam 1,52 m
Height 0,655 m
Weight 85 kg
Max. weight cap. 525 kg
Max. person cap. 5
Max. engine 25 HP
Max. engine weight 80 kg
Trason (outboards) S
Aluminium thickness-Bottom 1,6 mm
Aluminium thickness-Side 1,4 mm
No. of ribs 5
No. of keels 5
Category D


Standard accessories :

Inside colour Std.
Outside colour Std.
2 oar lock holders -
Transom drain plug Std.
Upholstery seats Std.
Steering console Std.
Battery box -
Livewell -
Navigation lights -
Floormats -
Bow deck Std.