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Marine 445 S

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This boat is made of high-quality aluminium alloy, which makes it resistant against sea salt. It was developed especially for Norwegian conditions not to have problems with local waves. Easy manipulation and transport are not the only advantages. It is designed for both fishing and free time.

Length 4,40 m
Beam 1,53 m
Height 0,655 m
Weight 86 kg
Max. weight cap. 594 kg
Max. person cap. 6
Max. engine 20 HP
Max. engine weight 60 kg
Trason (outboards) S
Aluminium thickness-Bottom 1,6 mm
Aluminium thickness-Side 1,4 mm
No. of ribs 9
No. of keels 5
Category D


Standard accessories :

Inside colour Std.
Outside colour -
2 oar lock holders -
Transom drain plug Std.
Upholstery seats -
Steering console -
Battery box -
Livewell -
Navigation lights -
Floormats -
Bow deck -