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Marine 450 SC

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Suitable as a coach boat for yachting, rowing and canoeing. Ideal for 1-2 people. It is a light and fast vessel that does not cause large waves. Convenience provides ample storage space within reach of the trainer. A fender around the ship prevents damage to boats and other vessels as they approach each other.

Length 4,45 m
Beam 1,67 m
Height 0,73 m
Weight 116 kg
Max. weight cap. 726 kg
Max. person cap. 7
Max. engine 40 HP
Max. engine weight 141,4 kg
Trason (outboards) L
Aluminium thickness-Bottom 1,6 mm
Aluminium thickness-Side 1,4 mm
No. of ribs 8
No. of keels 5



Standard accessories :

Inside colour Std.
Outside colour Std.
2 oar lock holders -
Transom drain plug Std.
Upholstery seats Std.
Steering console Std.
Battery box -
Livewell -
Navigation lights -
Floormats -
Bow deck Std.