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Touring BASIC Neoprene Allround Spraydeck Prijon

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Made in Europe
This TOURING BASIC spraydeck is suitable for tourers and also for easy white water or kayak rentals. Due to its extremely stretchable plate, the deck fits cockpits from 86 to 96 cm.

Chimney made of breathable 3-layer Laminatee for best possible comfort. The very stretchable neoprene rim at the top provides safe hold on the body.

These spraydecks are suited for permanent use on rivers, lakes and the sea. The most important characteristic of these decks is that they stay firmly on the cockpit, even in choppy waters and when doing an Eskimo-roll.

Available in two cockpit and two body sizes each:

  • Cockpit 86 - 92cm, Waist S/M: Art. 73801
  • Cockpit 86 - 92cm, Waist L/XL: Art. 73802
  • Cockpit 90 - 96cm, Waist S/M: Art. 73803
  • Cockpit 90 - 96cm, Waist L/XL: Art. 73804